Curriculum and Resource List for our Preschool to High School Learners




Are you searching for a speaking-based curriculum that incorporates movement, singing, and fun that was designed by a teacher with over 25 years in the ESL industry and who understands the needs of children in grades Pre-K through 3 in mind? Then come and try our Young Learners Curriculum, which focuses on improving on speaking skills, and engaging the students in a playful and fun learning environment. Come and dazzle your learners we offer free forever level that gives access to

-interactive curriculum

-interactive stories

-holidays around the world


This curriculum also has National Geographic readers built in and your students earn tickets to purchase lots of stickers to decorate their rooms and other scenes with. It is a great compliment to an additional speaking curriculum. 

3. Reading IQ

Reading fluency and comprehension are increasing among young readers, who are making progress in their education and development. Nonfiction texts that give informational images to enhance understanding are also part of our collection. These include books with basic language and early-chapter books with fascinating characters. The collection also includes a number of novels that can be read aloud to help students improve their listening skills. Try if free for 30 days and then it only costs 7.99 a month to continue.

4. Adventure Academy

It is time to embark on an epic learning adventure!
Come and join the Adventure Academy community of young scholars. This virtual world is designed for individuals who want to learn while still having fun. Hundreds of hours of educational content are at your fingertips, including everything from math and language arts to science and social studies.

This is a real-time virtual world in which your pupils can observe others working to solve problems and discovering numerous answers. To those pre-teens and teens who are looking for a little more difficulty, this game is for them. Test is out for 30 days for free. 

One of the founders of the non-profit Khan Academy is Sal Khan, who started it in 2008. It wants to make a set of online tools that can help students learn. The videos are short lessons that the group makes. It also has extra practice exercises and materials for teachers on its website.
Covers Language Arts, Science, Math, Geography, and much more including PPTs, videos, and worksheets. For Preschool to Grade 9.
Freddie’s Ville is an ESL/EFL resource and multi-level English course. For teachers and homeschoolers alike. The site offers ESL/EFL animated video lessons, games, worksheets, songs, and apps for teaching English dialogues, vocabulary, and grammar. Join Freddie and Lisa to play and learn English. For Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st – 3rd graders, Freddiesville.com is suitable. Teaching kids English just got easier.
It is a one-stop shop for thousands of curriculum-based digital resources. It is designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Videos, interactives, audio, documents, and lesson plans are all aligned to Common Core and national standards. It’s possible to browse by standards or special collections. You can also ‘favorite’ and share resources with others. The best part is that it is free for teachers.
Starfall offers many free interactive phonic materials and more. They have a good selection of free reading selections as well. There are both free and paid versions. This is great for phonemic awareness. Exploration, play and positive reinforcement are also emphasized in this program.
10. IXL 
More than 13 million students use IXL’s award-winning personalized learning platform. IXL’s comprehensive K-12 curriculum, personalized guidance, and real-time analytics cater to each student’s needs. It also helps schools use technology to improve teaching and learning by answering over 100 billion questions globally. 
11. ABCya  
It offers over 400 entertaining and educational games for students in Pre-K through Grade 6. The activities are created by both parents and educators who understand children.
They focus on all the core developments of math, reading, and writing skills. Their games and apps have been reviewed and approved by certified teachers and educators.
Everything to teach from beginning to end. This will help your students grow and have fun. This is your one-stop online ESL solution.
The course covers teaching ESL students from 5-14. The course includes the following types of lessons word families, sight words, grammar, and reading.
This curriculum was developed and designed on the students’ ability and not their grade level. The course focuses on a slow build-up. Your students will continue improving while having fun.

13. Abridge Academy

An organized, step-by-step series of professionally designed lessons developed by competent teachers constitute the foundation of the core curriculum. 

A total of more than 100 core courses are accessible, all geared at beginning English learners (levels A1-A2), with new lessons being added on a weekly basis.

14. Teachers Together English

Teachers Together English provides diverse and inclusive online lessons for teachers and students. We now offer our lessons through a monthly subscription service. Teachers can subscribe per level or to the entire curriculum. We hope you will love our online lessons as much as we do!

15.  Time4Learning 

Each of Time4Learning’s thousands of interactive courses is aligned to specific grade levels and aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

With Time4Learning, you have complete control over the learning process. Anywhere and at any time, students are able to log in. There are no set times or dates. You can either follow the content sequentially or choose your own material.


We’re teachers, too, and we realize how important it is for you to access and print high-quality materials quickly and easily.

Our goal is to make lesson planning and teaching English to youngsters as simple as possible for you. Learn how to teach English as a second language (ESL) to children with our free lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets and craft sheets.

17.  MES

ESL students will learn about oral communication, phonics, and all speaking methods in this free 16 unit curriculum designed by Mark Cox.

The MES flashcards can be used from any place and at any time. Then you can show them on a tablet, a smartboard, a laptop, or even your phone. There is no longer a need to print and make big flashcards. Files of cards don’t have to be shifted from school to school.

18. Education.com

Create a class of 35 and track their progress. It has loads of guided lessons and digital resources that allows the teacher to assign their work online. 

Each student can get an individual code to play in their own areas even long after the class is over. 

19. Prongo

They offer free games, e-cards, jokes, downloads, and brainteasers, as well as links to the majority of major academic subjects. You can also use Quiz Station to create quizzes for you students.  

20. Fact Monster®

Fact Monster® On all subjects, it combines reference materials, facts, and trivia quizzes. Fact Monster has the information kids want, presented in a fun format, on everything from the solar system to the global economy to educational games. Parents, teachers, and students can get homework help and use an almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas.

21. Easy Peasy 

Helping families homeschool is the reason we’re here. We help families who thought they couldn’t homeschool due of a lack of money, time, or expertise.

Others join EP because it’s convenient and enjoyable, and they have faith in the program’s educational value. To help families avoid the pressure of striving perfection, EP encourages them to accept that “enough” is all that is required.

22. ck-12

This free curriculum covers all topics from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

They have over 201 million users and over 312 thousand customized flex books.

They feature free textbooks, adaptive practice, and real world activities.


23. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Free Science Curriculum our inquiry-based curriculum will help your students learn by doing, and it will help them meet the Next Generation Science Standards through classroom or field trips. You can sort by grade level or by exhibit, or you can mix them both together.

24. Kid’s Discover

This is geared for Science and Social Studies for grades K-12.

Kid’s Discover offers a variety of paid and free resources and can grant access to over 2,000 articles and readers for your learners. 

25. Sea Turtle Conservatory

Come and learn all about Sea Turtles for free. They offer lots of free resources to teach your students not only about sea turtles but also about the environment. 

One of the best things is your students can join in and watch the sea turtle’s migration.

26. Edx

Anatomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, and earth science are among the topics covered by EdX, a charity founded by Harvard and MIT. The length and format of each course differ, and the availability of each course is subject to change on a regular basis. It is possible to audit a course for free or purchase a certificate of completion. This is for your more advanced students who are passionate about science.


27. Epic

You will need to create a teacher’s account to access this free digital library. It allows you to register and track your students.

Epic is the best digital reading platform for kids 12 and under because it has more than 40,000 popular, high-quality books from more than 250 of the world’s best publishers. It safely encourages kids to be curious and to read more.

28. StoryPlace

A great preschool and kindergarten digital library made exclusively for young learners. You can select a story and have the students read and sing a long. There is also print outs to do with your students.

29. Free Resource Library for teachers

This is offered by the University of Melbourne a collection of over 22 resources free for teachers to use.


30. Adapted Mind 

The K–6 curriculum is research-based and Common Core-aligned. Over 300,000 math problems and explanations are used to create personalized learning plans for your student. And they will feel like they are playing a game.

31. Multiplication.com

Aids Grades 2-6  with review and memorization of the multiplication tables as well as addition and subtraction. Each lesson begins with a fun activity and is designed to help students understand the multiplication fact. There are downloadable interactive games, classroom games, and worksheets are available at the site.


32. Wordwall

A fun place to find a variety of great online ESL games. They cover all subjects and ages.

33. Sheppard Software

Many instructional games for children are available for free online through Brad Sheppard’s Sheppard Software. It is easy for students and teachers to search the site’s games by subject area and discover a game that meets their educational needs as well as their children’s natural curiosity and desire for new experiences.

34. PBS Games

PBS KIDS produces educational content for children. Web-based gaming experiences based on popular literary and cultural properties such as The Cat in the Hat and Curious George may be found on the games site. Math, healthy behaviors, science, reading, and teamwork are just a few of the many topics covered by the games that can be found here. It was created by Virginia public school teacher Greg Nussbaum and features over 3,500 pages of learning games categorized by curriculum type and grade level. A tablet and an interactive whiteboard can also be used to access this site.

35. Mr. Nussbaum

It was created by Virginia public school teacher Greg Nussbaum and features over 3,500 pages of learning games categorized by curriculum type and grade level. A tablet and an interactive whiteboard can also be used to access this site.

36. National Geographic Kids

Science, adventure, geography, quiz and puzzle games are just some of the more than 100 that National Geographic offers. Wildest Weather, On the Trail of Captain John Smith, and The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom are all excellent examples of high-quality free games.

37. Poptropica®

Poptropica® is a virtual environment where kids can explore and play in total safety under the artistic leadership of Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Many children from all over the world enjoy and learn from Poptropica’s interesting adventures, tales, and games every month.

38. BBC Kid Games

Interactive digital games and activities involving literacy, numeracy, history, mathematics, music, and the arts are offered by the BBC in the United Kingdom. In addition, the games are categorized by age groups. Teachers and parents who want their children to learn via play will like the cartoon graphics as much as their students will.

39. Primary Games

Primary Games has over a thousand games and activities to help students learn arithmetic, science, language arts, and history. Teachers can find lesson plans that go along with the games on the site.

40. Arcademic Skill Builders

An online educational video game called Arcademic Skill Builders can help kids learn basic math, language arts skills like vocabulary and thinking skills, as well as a lot of other important things. Their games make it hard for students to improve their scores by making them do the same things over and over again and giving them immediate feedback.

41. FunBrain

Funbrain, a website designed for preschoolers through eighth graders, features more than a hundred entertaining and educational activities. The site features popular books and comics including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia Writes Again, and Brewster Rocket for youngsters to read online as well. 

Curriculum List for our Adult Learners

For those teaching adults here is a list of mostly free and some paid resources:
42: Engoo
A great adult and young advanced learners area to locate and find free curriculum.
43: Teaching English  
Offers a great assortment of free curriculum for educators to use.
44: British Council 
This is free and wonderful for your advanced students or adult learners.
45: Business English 
A great place for online Business English Topics at your fingers.
Check out this place to get your IELTS Preparation lessons.
47: Ego4u
A wonderful place to spiff your students up on their grammar.
Unique video based materials for your adult learners.
49: Daily Esl
Come and converse about the latest daily topics with your adult students.
50: Talk Time 
Talk time encourages literacy and focuses on getting them speaking.
If your looking to prepare your adult student for the ITESL then come check out this prep questions.
52: WORDWALL Adult Speaking 
This is not only for kids but also has a section for your adult learners and to focus them on speaking in a game format. Even adults like to have fun.
53: Off2Class 
They offer both free and paid curriculum for your adult learners.
FLUENTIZE offers both paid and free lessons for your adult and advance students.
Lots of free lesson from PowerPoints, Video lessons, and handouts that you can use for your class.
Another great resource for you to locate materials for your more advanced students.
ESLCAFE has tons of great resources and this is a great way to revise their grammar.
One of the best ways to improve is to use topics that interest your student and nothing can be as magical as the local and international news.
Teach your student free lessons on how to build their own websites.
Another great one is teaching them the basics of Excel.
Tons of free speaking question that are commonly asked in the IELTS.
63. Sample Advance Test Prep for Adults
Whether they are sitting for the Opic, IELTS, TOIEC, or CSAT you can check here for some sample questions and answers.
64. The English Club
A great place that offers TOEIC tips and sample questions to prepare your student.
Once you have studied this is a free online TOEIC test to practice to see how your student does.

Tools to be used to create Engaging lessons with the help of technology from Pre K - Adults

68. Animoto– Allows students to create a 30-second sharing video of what they learned in a specific class.

69: AnswerGarden – Educators can use this real-time tool for online brainstorming or polling to check student feedback on questions.

70: The Answer Pad – It is said to be suitable for the flipped or blended classroom since it allows teachers to collect data from students via the web or an app.

71: AudioNote – For student collaboration, a combination of a voice recorder and a notepad that captures both audio and notes.

72: Buncee – A tool for students and teachers to visualize, express, and connect with classroom concepts and ideas through creation and presentation.

73: ClassKick – This app allows teachers to submit homework for students to complete, with comments from both the teacher and classmates. Students can keep track of their work and progress.

74: ClassPulse – A smartphone and online software that creates a more collaborative atmosphere outside of the classroom to boost student participation.

75: ClassVR –  This is a virtual environment for primary school students.

76: Educreations Interactive Whiteboard – A whiteboard software that allows students to communicate their knowledge and comprehension.

77: Buddy Games– A great site to create and play classic board games with your students.

78: Educaplay – Create instant games and play them with your students.

79: Edulastic – Allows teachers to easily construct standards-aligned exams and receive immediate feedback from students to help them improve their learning.

80: EslGames+ – A fun place to grab great interactive grammar games for your younger students. It is great for English, Math, and Science.

81: Expeditions – Google Expeditions is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) education tool that allows teachers and students to explore the globe through over 1000 VR and AR excursions. Without leaving the classroom, you may swim with sharks, travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, and much more.

82: Flipgrid – This tool has been updated recently. Students can reply to instructions with 15-second to 5-minute videos, with comments from professors and classmates.

83: Gamilab – This is great for your gamers and teen students. They can create and play games during the class. They are based on trivia questions and get the students thinking. You then challenge them at the end of the game to see who finishes the fastest.

84: GoSoapBox – This all-student response system is free for groups of less than 30 students and works with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, which eliminates the need for a clicker. The Confusion Meter is one of the most intriguing aspects for me.

85:  Kahoot – Teachers can design quizzes using internet information using a game-based classroom response system.

86: Liveworksheets– Create of use many liveworksheets that can be corrected instantly and sent back to the teacher.

87: Nearpod – This technology is useful since it allows you to not only collect proof of student learning, such as through an all-student response system, but also to develop tailored lessons based on the data. The basic edition is free for groups of 30 or fewer students.

88: Padlet – Students can use this as a blank canvas to construct and design collaborative projects. This is an excellent tool for brainstorming.

89: Pear Deck – Plan and create interactive presentations that students may interact with using their mobile devices. It has a limited free usage period and offers a variety of question formats.

90: Puzzlemaker – A great place brought to you by Discovery education where you can create and share lots of great puzzles with your students. Including crosswords, word searches, mazes, double puzzle, fallen phases, crypto grams, letter tiles, number blocks, and hidden messages.

91: Quizlet – Make engaging flashcards, tests, quizzes, and study games that are accessible both online and on mobile devices.

92: Quizizz – Fascinating assessment forms.

93: Random Name/Word Picker – This program allows the teacher to enter a class list and pick names at random. You may also upload a list of keywords and have the class utilize the tool to have a student guess the term by offering definitions.

94: Seesaw – Students can use the platform to log their learning, while teachers can utilize it to improve communication and formative assessment.

95: ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard – An interactive tool that students and teachers can use to check understanding.

96: Socrative – There are many  games that engage students using smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

97. Spellingtraining– Create instant and free spelling games with the power of Unity. From rolleroasters, to many more.

98: SurveyMonkey – Teachers can make and deliver online polls and surveys.

99: SurveyPlanet – A  tool that teachers can use to survey student learning.

100: Visme – A free infographic software.

101: Vocaroo – Create free voice recordings to share with your students.

102: WeVideo – Online Video Editor.

103: Wiser – Interactive blended worksheets.

104: WordArt – Create fun cloud generated art.

105: Newseala – A place where you can share resources and reading articles with your students.

106: Wizardpins – A great fun page to find so many useful free emojiis to support your class and comes recommended by students themselves that actually searched and found our useful resource page.  

107. Grammarism – Over 15,000 pdf and over 300,000 interactive English grammar exercises. There is plenty of practice and assistance when your student, child, or self if you get stuck.

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